About the Blogger

I’m a nearly lifelong Chicagoan (with past residences in Idaho and Seattle) and a compulsive writer since a very early age.  Eventually convinced that a career in computer science would be a better bet than journalism, I make a living as a technology and business consultant.

And after giving up on writing some time after college, I returned to it in 2004 when I had a story that just had to get out.  Like (I expect) many writers, writing is more fun that selling and marketing, so I write for a limited audience, primarily of people I am personally acquainted with, and I never expect to make a living at it.  Counting $10 for a submission to Runner’s World in 1978, my lifetime earnings as a writer are $355, and I’m very proud of it!

I live today in Evanston, Illinois, with my wife, daughter, and dog.  My favorite activities are writing, hiking, and games, and when I can involve them, it’s even better.



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