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Individual books.  Note that creates separate pages for ebooks (free) and hardcopy books (not free).  If you’re interested and the link has taken you to the wrong sort of book, just poke around a bit and you should be able to find the format you want.

The Last Great Act of Defiance (2004) – A Japanese businessman inherits the leadership of a failing company, positioned to take the blame for its collapse.  He can accept his fate, or he can fight it – but only if he can change everything about himself first.

The Thorny Crown (2009) – Jesus hangs on the cross … and decides not to let himself be killed after all.  He’ll be the leader on Earth that the Jews expected him to be.  But can he really change the world and his own destiny?

Symbiotica Animus (2010) – A man loses his soul, which turns out to be a symbiotic organism that lives in his brain.  Bereft of this controlling component, his intellectual powers are unlocked while at the same time he goes mad.

Casting of the Die (2010) – An accidental president, a gang war in Mexico that threatens America’s borders, and a political power play all come together in this modern political thriller.

Lost Deryabar (2010) – An orphan is selected by a mysterious wealthy woman and whisked away on an international treasure hunt.

Best Judgment (2011) – Rival business consultants try to help a company in trouble, but find themselves falling in love.  That’s hardly the craziest thing they have to deal with, either.

The Black Card (2011) – A reporter in a failing future has a chance encounter and is given a credit card that can solve all his problems.

The Invented McWong (2013) – First of the McWong series.  A mysterious man is witness to a murder, and police think he may be the mastermind behind an unsolved robbery.

Old Wombat’s Law for Junior Wombats (2013) – (nonfiction) An introduction to the law for kids.

The Last Flight of the Clippers (2014) – A family in 1909 with the last of the flying ships goes in search of a lost expedition in the Indian Ocean.

The People’s Tribune (2014) – A young woman from Iowa heads for Chicago in 1892, aiming to be an independent modern woman and a serious news reporter.  She faces corrupt politicians, vindictive businessmen, and a challenging personal life in the decade that created modern America.

The Sea Beyond (2015) – Two older men go in search of a mystical sea where they hope to the find the woman they each loved many years before.


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