The Magic Land Stories

I originally related the Magic Land stories to my daughter aloud.  They were the typical sort of semi-fairy tale stories with talking animals, fairies, and a benevolent wizard, although with my own peculiar twist of humor.  I had the presence of mind to take notes on them, and eventually wrote them down.

The stories then evolved over time, getting more sophisticated and complex in synch with my primary audience.  They might be better known now as the Roycemore stories, as Roycemore Rabbit grew to be the most interesting and dynamic character in the series.

Ralph in the Magic Land (2007) – This is the story of Ralph the Dodo, the dodo who wants to learn to fly.

World Book of Wonders (2008) – Poems and short stories set in the Magic Land.

Hall of the North Wind (2009) – Short stories, including several related to the Magic Land.

Kachi-Kachi Yama (2009) – Roycemore goes to the land of Kachi-Kachi Yama where he must deal with a dragon who lives in a volcano.

The Spirit Dog (2010) – Kodi the Spirit Dog is summoned to a strange land to be the familiar of a witch named Baba-Sen.  With help from Roycemore, he tries to put in place an alternate plan.

The Field Guide to the Magic Land (2010) – A tourism guide to the Magic Land.  My daughter was quite taken with fantasy series that had a field guide recapturing information about the stories in more of a reference format, so I did that for the Magic Land in the form of a travel guide.  I also illustrated it.

A Tall Tale of Two Short Animals (2011) – Kodi and Roycemore find themselves in Montana in 1910 dealing with a circus owner who would like to put them on display.

Roycemore and the City of Brass (2011) – Kodi and Roycemore travel to the world of the Arabian Nights, where Roycemore is mistaken for a genie and is expected to make wishes come true.

Roycemore and the Otherworldly Pigs (2012) – Kodi and Roycemore have to save the Magic Land, under threat because the magical tapestry which created it may be destroyed at the hands of real estate developers and otherworldly pigs.


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